Twin brothers Calan and Lucas Hamilton play an eclectic mixture of 50s/60s pop & 70s angst folk roots. It feels old, new, strange & familiar. Their NEW record “This Is” is a collection of thoughtful tunes, beautifully crafted and arranged with a spontaneous edge. What really stands out about this record is the refined songwriting, strong harmonies and tasteful arrangements.​

Kate Jacobson “The Gaunlet”
University of Calgary
“Their tunes are charming and they make you want to two-step. If you’re going to make folk music, you can only hope to do it as well as the Sturgeons.”

Danielle Marion “Stylus Magazine” 
Winnipeg, MB
“The Sturgeons have certainly continued down the already promising path they laid for themselves with The Wood Shop with the warm, refined sound of this album.”